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We Buy Gold & Silver For Top Dollar in Mission, Texas

Get paid for your gold and silver! Approved Money Center, Mission is paying top dollar for your unwanted gold and silver jewelry, coins, watches, silver sets, and more! Bring us your items, old or new, good or bad condition and out expert gold buyers will weigh it, test it and make you an offer based on the highest prices paid. You can have cash in your hands within minutes!

We Buy Gold And Silver | Mission, Texas

When you’re on the search for a few extra dollars to make ends meet in between paychecks or to buy that certain something you have had your eye on, have you ever thought about selling that gold or silver that is sitting around your house?

Sure, payday loans and cash advances are great options, but sometimes you simply don’t want to have the stress of having to make a repayment. The perfect solution is to get cash for that old jewelry or tea set. At Approved Money Center, Mission, our expert buyers will look at your gold and silver, test it, weigh it and make you an offer. That’s right! It’s time for you to rummage through your jewelry box and bring us that gold and silver that you don’t want or use anymore.

The prices for gold and silver at historical highs and it’s time that you cash it on these prices. Getting paid on the spot for stuff you don’t want or use anymore? What can be better than that!

Bring in those old chains, rings, pendants, charms, earrings and anything else you don’t want or wear anymore. We will test it, weigh it, and pay you for it right then and right there. Our Approved Money Center, Mission buyers will be happy to take a look at all your gold and silver, whether it is jewelry, coins or even silver tea sets.

Do you have an earring missing its mate? Bring it in! What about a damaged or broken watch or necklace? Bring that in as well and get an in person quote from our expert gold assayer. We will offer you top price for the gold and silver that is currently sitting around in your home collecting dust.

There’s truly no better way of getting quick cash than getting cash for gold. There is no hassle about it! Grab your ID, whether it is a driver’s license or other form of photo identification, your gold and silver and bring it in! We will pay you per ounce based on the current price of the day. There is no need for you to struggle pay check to pay check when you have cash sitting right there in your jewelry box, doing nothing but collecting dust bunnies. Get cash for your gold now, when the prices are skyrocketing to record breaking highs!

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