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Got Valuables? Know How To Insure Them!

While many Americans have automobile, health, homeowners, and life insurance, often times people don’t think of the many other things in their lives that could benefit from being insured. Getting the cash you need to replace something valuable isn’t always that easy. Have you experienced a toddler flushing a valuable piece of jewelry down the toilet? How about a having your great-aunts vintage silverware stolen in the middle of the night by an unexpected intruder? Perhaps you have experienced being on vacation and the loss or breakage of a valuable … Continue reading

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How Can The Internet Help With Your Finances?

While many people already do their banking online, for many the idea of writing a good old-fashioned check and sending it through the mail is still part of their budgeting routine. Think about how much you pay in bank fees, high cost insurance premiums, and other finance-related expenses. Add it up and you may be looking at a much needed vacation! With the Internet being what it is today, reaching billions at the swipe of a key, it can be a host of savings to your bank balance. It can … Continue reading

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Take Charge Of Your Finances!

Whether you are married, single, young or old, you can’t predict how life can change in an instant and affect your finances in a way that is different than how you normally deal with them. Job loss, divorce, illness, or the like can really throw a curve ball in your finances if you haven’t planned appropriately for your future. In fact, many people don’t even think about life insurance, preparation of a will, college savings for their children, and retirement for themselves, until too late. That’s why it’s important to … Continue reading

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Money Matters: Saving Money With Big Discounts On Almost Anything

Who doesn’t want a discount when they are making a purchase? Saving money starts with finding ways to knock a little something off that purchase and feel good about what your buying. From appliances to linens, there’s always a way to get a discount when your checking out at the store counter or online checkout. It’s takes a little savvy along with some insider info to walk away knowing you go the best price possible. Here how… Saving money starts with doing your homework APPLIANCES~ While technology evolves quickly and electronic … Continue reading

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“Share And Share Alike” Can Mean Money Savings For Everyone

How many times a week do you use your lawn mower? If you are like most people, your answer is probably “once”. So for the other six days of the week, that mower sits in your garage or shed, or on the side of your yard doing nothing. Chances are you’ve invested some good money in that lean mean lawn cutting machine. Do you ever think to yourself “I wish I could gt more out if it?” Over the past decade or so, a new type of economy has taken … Continue reading

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Spend Save Spend…Are You Money Smart?

We all have financial concerns we cope with on a daily basis but for many, what we think of as being “money smart” is actually causing us to lose sleep at night. How money smart are you? If the answer is “very”, then don’t bother continuing to read but if the answer is anything other, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn how to hold onto more of your money while catching those much needed “zzzz’s!” Are you money smart in today’s challenging economy? Let’s tackle three … Continue reading

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Identity Theft: The Latest Victims

Most of us are aware of how much identity theft has increased over the years; especially with the Internet being such a huge source of financial transactions. Online banking, car payments, money transfer, credit card inquires, and the ability to apply for a loan or credit line are all ways for identity thieves to gain access to our most private financial information. While websites can claim to be secure, hackers are smart and can often get past firewalls and encrypted websites that think they are not at risk. According to … Continue reading

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Selling Your Car? Five Simple Steps To Consider

While the quickest way to get rid of your car and squeeze some cash out of it at the same time, may come by way of taking it to a dealership, it certainly may not be the most cost effective! While so many people are in a hurry to get paid for that car or truck they often times don’t take take the time and make the effort to see just how they can maximize their vehicle’s value while ensuring they receive top-dollar for what it’s worth. Chances are you … Continue reading

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Budgeting: Is It Time To Slash Your Cable Bill?

The cost of cable TV has increased dramatically over the years! While we all like to have access to our favorite shows, it may be possible to save money and still get the programs you love. Asking yourself a few simple questions may shed some light on what your cable TC needs are as well as how you can turn off the high cost of programming while budgeting for the this type of home entertainment. The first thing you need to think about is what kind of shows you watch. … Continue reading

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Saving Money: How Friends Can Help Put Cash In Your Pocket

While you and your friends may already go halfsies on your weekly lunch outing or go in together on bulk buys from Costco, you can take sharing one step further and save your family hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars every year while enjoying your time with your favorite people. There are plenty of ways to save money when you team up with your BFF’s or the neighbor next store. Make saving money a group effort and build lasting friendships that will go far beyond a trip to the grocery store. … Continue reading

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